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2020 VG Swim Team Clinic Session #3 Registration

This form is for families registering for the Swim Clinic Session #3 of the 2020 summer season with the Village Green Swim Team. This will be a modified practice situation, with the safety of our swimmers and coaches as the top priority. This summer is organized into 3 separate two week swim clinics with the hopes of getting as many kids in the pool to swim, as possible. Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many sessions as they can! Unfortunately, since this is not a typical swim season we will not be allowing new swimmers age 8 or younger. 

This second session will last for two weeks, Groups 1&2 are MWF July 27-August7 and Groups 3&4 are TThS July 28-August 8. Our intention is for each family with more than one swimmer to pick the Group that works best for your family in order to keep your kids together. We want to limit how many times each social group is at the pool to specific days. Coach Meghan is designing each practice time for swimmers of varying abilities. Swimmers will be grouped by ability in lanes rather than by practice time this year. Please choose the time that works best for your family in the "merchandise section" of this registration. If you have a family of all younger swimmers (10&under) please consider Group 3 or 4 first if it works for your family. During the first session, we had had a lot of availability in Groups 3&4 which is a great opportunity to get even more attention from coaches! We are limited to a maximum of 24 swimmers per group. Locker rooms will not be available except in cases of emergency, swimmers must come in their suits as they will not be allowed in locker rooms to change. Masks MUST be worn to and from practice, this is in accordance with Fort Collins City guidelines. Swimmers will enter the pool area through the large gate on the east side after their health check and exit the normal pool gate after practice. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck, but please wear your mask any time you are accompanying your swimmer to or from check-in/out.


Group 1 - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - Early 7:30-8:25

Group 2 - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - Late 8:35-9:30

7/28/2020 - 8/8/2020 

Group 3 - Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday - Early T/TH 8:00-8:40 Sat 7:30-8:25

Group 4 - Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday - Late T/Th 8:00-8:40 Sat 8:35-9:30

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Photo Realease

I hereby give the irrevocable right to Village Green Swim Team & it's officially designated team photographer to use my child(ren)’s picture, portrait or photograph in all forms and media in all manners for advertising, portfolio, editorial, altering without restrictions, and all other lawful purposes, including posting online to web galleries. I understand I am entitled to no compensation. I release the photographer from all forms of claims and liability related to said photo usage, and I waive the right to inspect or approve the finished version(s). *

Village Green Membership

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Liability Waiver

It is understood and agreed that the above named child(ren) will be participating on the 2020 Village Green Swim Team. It is fully understood that these activities contain certain inherent risks. The undersigned Parent or guardian may not attend practice on the pool deck this year. Parents need to remain outside the pool fence during their swimmer(s) swim practice. Face masks must be worn by swimmers when not working out.

Each member of the Village Green Swim Team  and their family members or guardian must strictly comply with the following: (1) all behavior requirements of the coaches; (2) follow official instruction during each practice; and (3) all the rules of conduct and safety. The undersigned fully understands the Village Green Swim Team, nor their officers, coaches, or volunteers shall be responsible for any injury which results, either fully or in part, from failure of any member of the team to fully comply with all such requirements, instructions and/or rules.

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Swim Team Policy

To be eligible to participate during the summer 2020 season each swimmer must be 6 yrs of age and a returning Gator OR at least 9 years of age if a new swimmer to the team. Swim Clinic Session #3 is running from 7/27/2020 - 8/7/2020 or 7/28/2020 - 8/8/2020. All swimmers must be comfortable swimming a STRONG 25 yd Freestyle and Backstroke, there will be no exceptions to this requirement this season. This is to ensure the safety of all swimmers in the pool. 

Refunds will only be issued for this session until July 29th, 2020. After that date, refunds will not be allowed for THIS session. However, in the event we are forced to cease the clinic early due to COVID-related health restrictions, registration refunds will be prorated. Refunds WILL NOT be issued for any swimmers who are asked to leave the clinic due to non-compliant behavior. 

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