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Village Green Swim Team requires all families to volunteer in order to help our team run smoothly.  Volunteer opportunities are given a point value, indicated below, and the volunteer requirement for each family is 20 points per season. 

There are 3 ways to get involved.  Please choose the option that fits best for your family in order to fulfill your 20 point volunteer obligation.  If you have any questions about volunteering in any of these roles, please email us at vggators@gmail.com.  

Thanks for volunteering!

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1. Season-Long Volunteer Positions

Each of these positions fulfills the 20 point volunteer obligation for the season.

Coaches Gift Organizer: Organizes ideas, solicits and collects money from parents, and purchases, wraps and presents a gift to each coach at the end of season party.

Computer Manager Trainee: Works with Computer Manager to help run Dolphin System using Meet Manager software during all home meets.  This job involves helping the Computer Manager set up the computer before meet and take down after meet, print out ribbon labels and final results, and ensure integrity of times.  Also helps troubleshoot any computer and printer issues during the meet.  Works as a team with the starter, head timer, computer manager and runners. 

Handy Person: Helps fix and maintain various bulletin boards, equipment and structures.

Meet Official: Attends 1 Horsetooth League officials training session, and works at least 1 swim meet during the season, hosted or away, as a meet official to identify disqualifications.

Photographer: Responsible for taking, editing and printing the yearly team photo.  Also takes photos of swimmers and volunteers at swim meets, team events and practices. Creates a short slideshow for the end-of-season party, which takes place in early August.  Works with Website Manager to provide updated photos for use on the team website.

Swim Records Updater:  Monitor and update the records board. Send all new records to Computer Manager and Website Manager.

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2. Swim Meet Volunteer Positions

Each of these positions earns 5 points per shift for each home meet.  Most positions have 2 shifts available during each meet.

Announcer : Announces first/last call for each event and manages call flip signs.

Awards & Ribbons: Places labels on ribbons and places in VG folders or holds for  visiting team. Also hands out heat-winner prizes for each heat.

Clerk of Course: Checks in all swimmers to the heating and seating area. Works with Heaters/Seaters to organize swimmers into proper heats and lanes for all relays and individual events.

Concessions Worker:  Works with the Head of Concessions during home meets to sell concessions.  Helps set up and tear-down of the concession area. 

Event Volunteer: Provides assistance at Team Potluck, 4th of July concession stand, Pre-city Dinner and/or End of Season Party.

Head Timer: Organizes and conducts a timer's meeting at each home meets, runs backup stopwatches, ensures the timer sheets are correct and updated for each lane. Check stopwatches prior to meet (including Dolphin timers), collects stopwatches and organizes timer lane sheets for the computer manager at the end of the meet. 

Heaters/Seaters: Works within the heating and seating area  to organize swimmers into proper heats and lanes for all relays and individual events.  Assists in moving young relays to the opposite end of the pool.

Meet Cleanup: Helps put away all equipment used during the meet, empties trashcans and restores the pool area to its original condition. Lifting and carrying is involved.

Meet Setup: Helps set up the pool for a meet. This includes installing lane lines and starting blocks, setting up tables, benches and tents around the pool. Lifting and carrying is involved.

Runner: Moves around the meet to gets times from timers, run errands, post meet results, and deliver event results to the awards and ribbons area. 

Starter: Start swimmers for each race during each home meet. Works as a team with the head timer, computer manager and runners to help each meet run smoothly.

Timers: Times each swimmer for each event using a stopwatch and records the time on paper.  There are two timers per lane for each meet to ensure accuracy.

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3. Swim Team Board Volunteer Positions

Each of these positions fulfills the 20 point volunteer obligation for the season.  Board members also receive 1 complimentary swimmer registration per family, per season.

Village Green Board members work behind the scenes and during practices and swim meets to help the team operate.   The board meets once a month from January to September, with a more weekly time commitment occurring from April to early August, depending on role requirements.  Below is a list of essential positions and tasks that have been identified, but there can be some flexibility and crossover if necessary.  Please contact us at vggators@gmail.com if you have any questions, or if you see a particular role that you would like to help out with.  We are really proud of our team and this is a great way to get involved!

Director:  The Team Director presides at all board meetings; acts as meet director during swim meets, and helps coordinate the work of the officers and committees. He/she also serves as the principal spokesman for the Village Green Gators to coordinate and communicate team affairs with the City of Fort Collins, Horsetooth Summer Swim Club League, the CSSCSA, the Village Green Pool Board, Splash Management and other parties. Tasks include selecting coaches, scheduling meetings, registration and swim meets, taking meeting minutes, updating team file folders, emailing notifications to team members and parents during registration and swim season, ensuring website is updated, and distributing an end-of year survey.

Computer Manager:  The Computer Manager imports all Meet Manager events and emails host teams appropriate meet entries. Construct meet events and entries for all meets hosted by Village Green. Oversees meet computer and Dolphin Timing System during home meets.Tasks include: emailing other teams for entries, importing and exporting meet entries, setting up computer during meets, validating and emailing final meet results, troubleshooting computer issues, and printing award labels for ribbons.

Event Coordinator/Head of Concessions: The Event Coordinator/Head of Concessions coordinates and supervises all events throughout the season including: Team potluck, Meet Concession Stand, 4th of July Concession Stand, Pre City Dinner, and End of Season Party. Either serves as Head of Concessions during events, or ensures this position is covered.Tasks include reserving park shelters, tracking RSVP's for events, ordering and purchasing food and supplies, helping set up and take down events, coordinating with Kona Ice and Calypso Club, and ordering swimmer and volunteer awards.

Merchandise Coordinator:  The Merchandise Coordinator organizes all aspects of team merchandise, including the design, selection, ordering and distribution of all team apparel, caps and swim suits. Also orders or purchases meet ribbons, heat winner prizes and goodie bags for state meet qualifiers and updates the team website with merchandise offerings.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer maintains custody of all team funds and keeps accurate financial records using Quickbooks, creates a yearly budget, makes disbursements as authorized by the Team Director, the Board of Directors or the membership, and provides an updated monthly report of income and expenditures to the Board.Tasks include maintaining bank account, data entry, securing insurance coverage, collecting fees, making bank deposits and issuing refunds, filling out coaches contracts, supervising cashbox during concession stands and filing annual state and federal forms.

VG Swim Team/Pool Board Liaison:  The VG Swim Team/Pool Board Liaison acts as a liaison between the Swim Team and the Pool Boards. Attends monthly meetings with the Pool Board to share information about projects and coordinate scheduling at the pool for events and swim meets.

Volunteer Coordinator:  The Volunteer Coordinator identifies volunteer positions, recruits and organizes volunteers for all events, swim meets and season long positions.Tasks include reviewing parent surveys, identifying and securing volunteers for roles, ensuring adequate volunteer coverage at all events and swim meets, supervising and training volunteers for roles during events and swim meets, identifying volunteers for end of year awards and tracking volunteer point totals.

Website Manager:  The Website Manager is responsible for creating yearly registration files and updating the website with current events and information. Also serves as the main contact for the Swimtopia Help Desk.

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