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Meet Worker Job Descriptions

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Runners: These people pick up the event cards from the timers/scribes and the event finish cards from the finish/overcall judges and deliver them to the scoring table. 

Clerk of Course: These people take the swimmers from the tent area to the holding area, organize swimmers in order of event and heats, and give swimmers their event cards. 

Ribbons: These people record individual/relay times on ribbons. 

Hospitality: This person arrives 30 minutes prior to warm ups to set up, greets and welcomes the other team, monitors bathrooms, cleans up and does general help. Home meets only. 

Concessions: These people will run the concession stand during the home meets. Home meets only. 

Scribes: These people work with the timers to record the times onto the event card and pass them to the runner. 

Might be easier with some experience

Timers: These people time the swimmers’ events and record the times on event cards or tell the time to the scribe (if there is one). 

Finish Judge: These people sit at the finish line and record the order in which the swimmers finish each race. 

Overcall Judge: This person is the third finish judge who will break a tie if the first two finish judges disagree on the order of the finish. 

Jump Judge: These people are used only for relays. They watch to see that no swimmer leaves the block before the previous swimmer touches the wall.

Head Timer: This is the person who is in charge of all the timers, and holds up the paddle to let the starter know that the timers are ready for the start of a race. This person is also responsible for being backup timer in case any of the timers doesn’t start/stop their stopwatch on time. 

Head Clerk of Course: This person is in charge of the clerk of course area and the volunteers in this area. She/he makes sure everyone is in line for their events. 

Scorers: These people record the swim times to score the meet. A head scorer is present to help make sure everything is done right and to teach the ropes to new scorers. 

Must have special training

Head Scorer: Some Experience and Training Required. Responsible for teaching the other scorers how to tally the scores based off of the swim times.

Referee: Must complete certification through GKAISA. This person runs the entire meet and is in charge of all meet workers. 

Starter: Must complete certification through GKAISA. This person is in charge of starting all events. Stroke & Turn Judge: Must complete certification through GKAISA. These people watch and can disqualify for wrong stroke technique or illegal turns.

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